March favorites

Ricoh 35 ZF film camera

The Ricoh 35 ZF is an ideal camera for quick street photography, and it was a popular choice among casual photographers during its releasing in the 70's. The camera is small, easy to take photos with and it looks super nice. 

These photos are not ours, but they were taken with the Ricoh 35 ZF:


Kaelo A/B

I have been listening to "all the pretty girls" from this album for a really long time, but after I heard one of their other songs I just needed to listen and see what this album had to offer. Every single song has a beat and lyrics that I haven't heard from any other artist. The album has some more upbeat songs such as "No good" and "Glass house" and some slow songs such as "Save yourself and "I can't go on without you"



Band of horses

Martine and I were lucky enough to hear Band of horses live in the beginning of march! It was an incredible and remarkable experience that I will cherish forever. My favorite songs from the concert, and by them in general is "The funeral" and "No one's gonna love you" 

Nora MarieComment