Nora: Favorite places

We have both traveled a lot throughout our lifes! I have mostly travelled within Europe, the one time I was out was for a trip to America. For both of us travelling is a way to exerience new and exciting things. Pushing ourself to the limit we thought we had, and make infinite memories! In this post I thought I could share a few of my favorite places to visit. This will not include America since I didn't take a lot of photos from the trip in 2010. Without futher redu let's get started!


I have been to Greece about eight times! Every time I go back, it feels like my second home. I know the place in-and- out. Locals started to recognize us and the whole family feels totally at peace when we are there! 



Aberdeen is a small little place in Europe. I have been there two times (2014 and 2015) This is some photos from my trip in 2015. Aberdeen, Stonehaven and Edinburgh.




Located in Spain, this is truly a place where I can vividly see myself living at one point in my life. I felt so energetic, welcome and the people are just so sweet!

So this was just a couple of places That has had a remarkable impact in my life and the way I view the world. 

Do you have a favorite place?

- Nora Marie