Poetry has been a way of self expession for decades now. When you start to read poetry, you slowly start to find who puts your feelings unto paper. This post we will be showing you some of our favorite poets and poetry. 

Keaton Henson

Keaton Henson is a marvelous poet, singer and composer. Keaton himself is a very closed off person. Struggling with anxiety and not liking to be the center of attention. His work reflects a lot about him, who he truly is as a person. What we love about him is that he always tells things how they are. Not covering things up or trying to make things seem perfect. This poem is from one of his books named "Idiot Verse" and the poem itself is calles Smoke signals. 

I've been smoking alot ,

and starting to doubt if I'm breathing you in,

or smoking you out.

Rupi Kaur

Contemporary feminist poet and writer from Canada. She published the book "Milk And Honey" in 2015. She writes a lot about her view on life and how the world works in all aspects of life.

I thank the universe 

for taking away

everything it has taken

and giving me

everything it is giving

- Nora Marie