A collection of my poetry

I started writing poetry at the age of 14. I had emotions and inspiration I wanted to work into something creative. The poetry I wrote was about life, what I loved to do and of course everything I didn't understand. I fell in love with the art of poetry from an early age. My mother has aways written poetry, and my grandparents house is filled with small poems everywhere. The reason why I love poetry specifically is its so easy to relate and understand other peoples feelings and experiences. When you read a lot of poetry, you slowly start to realize what you like. I love poetry about life, love, sadness and I love how people can relate human stuff to nature. Poetry also allows us to see the beauty in insignificant moments. We can be tought how to live life in the best way, and to know yourself from a deeper perspective. 

It has taken me a long time to write this post, as I find it hard to let other people into my thoughts and what I am feeling. Now as time has passed, I finally feel ready too share some of my poetry. One goal of mine is to publish my own poetry collection. A collection of my thoughts, emotions, life experiences and everything in-between. So I really hope you like my writing, and let me know if there is anything you would like me to write about and how I can improve. 


" Like every season. 

We all change, 

we all grow apart.

Like summer kissed our skin,

winter forze our toes.

But the seasons changed, and so did I.

We though it would be forever"


Things I wish I never knew

"There are things I wish I never knew.

Like the feeling of a broken heart.

Or seeing your parents cry, not knowing what to do.

I wish I never knew that feeling lost was normal,

because lost feels like caring isn't worth it.

Feeling lost is a constant reminder of how life can in one minute be lovely,

and the next a total hell.

There are things I wish I never knew"



"Yes, Im changing.

Yes, I'm going to develop.

I'm only human.

So I'm sorry if you thought you knew me, 

I am sorry if you only liked the old me.

Time passed since I last saw you and to be honest 

I dont remember who you met.

Maybe I was the shy girl on the train,

or the confident girl who passed you by on the street.

Maybe I changed your life

or inspired you to become something better.

I wasn't happy then,

I didn't know how life worked.

I didn't care, I didn't have anything to care about.

Either way I can't remember the old me.

I have grown, and I feel better.

Time healed me, something I am thankful for. 

Please get to know the new me, 


yes, I am changing.

- Nora Marie

(If you want to use any of my poems please send me an email)

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