Kalon Azure was first created in September of 2015, when the two of us were on our way to Bergen for an interview with Ziggy Alberts. Our vision was to create a space where we could write about everything and anything that was on our minds. The site was fist named Thetravelingcrew as we wanted to connect with people from all over the world. After two years of writing, sharing and connecting we decided that the name thetravelingcrew did not measure up to all the topics and ideas we had envisioned. The name Kalon Azure was therefore created. On an almost cloudless day, we sat outside, soaking up sunshine and came up with the name that should now carry all our thoughts, and be a space where people could write and express themselves. The word Kalon has greek roots and means "beauty that is more than skin deep". Azure has arabic roots and means "bright blue in color like a cloudless sky".

Together we are searching for everyday beauty and adventure, art and ourselves. We are learning ways to truly appreciate the world we live in by exploring movements, sustainability, and the beauty of everything people often take for granted, like the spiced taste of warm water infused with flowers and herbs and the sweet sound of rain against your window.

From feminism and self love, to food and music. We are sharing our travels, so you can take part and explore the world with us. We are sharing the thoughts we have at 2 am and poetry that shake us to our core. Music that heal broken hearts and interviews with people who inspire us to be more creative, free and kind. Overall we want to make people talk and start a discussion about how we all live our lives. Lets all take part in making the world open its mind. 

If you want to collaborate, have anything to share, use our photos or have any questions, go ahead and email us at:


Meet the founders:

Hi, my name is Nora Marie.

To start off, I often find it hard to introduce myself, but I am 17 years old and I live in Norway. I love to write, take photos, do yoga and find a more sustainable way to live life. 

My writing will of course not be perfect, and I apologize for the mistakes. Ultimately I hope I can evolve as a writer and as a person. Let's start some discussions and make life a bit more interesting and authentic.

Hopefully, you can get to know more about me through my writing. 



 Hi love, my name is Martine. I live in a city named Stavanger, along the Norwegian coast. I am fond of sunny mornings, hibiscus flowers, french villages, yoga and photography.

I've always loved to write. Stories, poems, letters and travel diaries. This page is a place where I can do exactly what I love: to write about the things that keep me going.

I hope this page is a place where people can find advice, love and support. And that it is a place where we can celebrate "imperfections" and heal together. I want to discover every beautiful little detail this world has to offer, and I will try to do so by documenting my travels, consuming art and write about the things that inspire me most.