Kalon Azure is a collaborative platform founded by Nora Marie Vatland and Martine A. Hess in September 2015. It is a space formed by creatives from all over the world, that are sharing their art, experiences, thoughts, dreams and inspirations. We aim to build an empowering community by writing about everything from activism and spirituality, to mental health and art.

Now, over to the name; The word 'Kalon' has greek roots and means beauty that is more than skin deep. 'Azure' has arabic roots and means bright blue in color like a cloudless day. -Because beauty isn't jut what you wear or look like. It exists inside all of us, and although we don't all have the same horizons, we all live under the same sky.

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Meet the team:

Nora Marie Co-founder):

Briefly tell something about yourself:
18 years old. Consider myself an amateur writer that is inspired mostly by peoples emotions and battles. My love for the environment is deep rooted inside me, and I will always try to become more sustainable in everything I do.

Zodiac sign?
Aquarius. A horrible lier, independent and not afraid to make mistakes.

Plans for the future:
Hopefully becoming a yoga instructor within the next two years, study either journalism or documentary photography. I have aspirations about being fluent in Spanish, ASL, live in a van and travel Europe and eventually create a tiny house. My goal is to live simply, maybe move to Mexico, Barcelona, Australia or somewhere in Africa for a while in order to truly get back to the basics. 

Martine (Co-founder):

Briefly tell something about yourself:
17 years old. Writing to me is a way of processing and exploring, and it usually centers around sustainable living, art and mental wellbeing, as those are all topics that I hold close to heart. Other than that I love to get creative, write, practice yoga and shoot analog photography.

Zodiac sign?
Scorpio. Definitely stubborn, independent and passionate. Unfortunately, I also have the tendency to feel everything quite strongly.

Plans for the future:
I wish to study journalism in London and hopefully live in Paris for a while. But my dream is to be a correspondent somewhere in the middle east. I’m certain that traveling is good for the soul and I hope I’ll get the opportunity to explore the world, its culture and people through my job. I have a lot of dreams, but right now I’m just focusing on living my life as consciously as possible.

Adri (WRITER):


Briefly tell something about yourself:
16 years old. I love writing, photography and film, and hope to share stories that resonate with people. You can find me at the movies, dancing to 50s music or trying to find an adventure.

Zodiac sign?
Virgo. I'm not one to believe in astrology, but I am analytical, shy, loyal and attentive to detail.

Something you can't live without:

I can't live without... excitement. I feel like I'm always hyped up for something, wether it's a big project, a friend's birthday or just experimenting with some fancy recipe I found online. Apart from that, I try to take the Buddhist route and think of everything as transient. "When I understand the glass is already broken, every moment with it is precious." (–Achaan Cha)

Kalon Azure Vintage:

August 30 marks the day that our online vintage store finally opened. Kalon Azure Vintage is a way for us to be a part of the slow fashion movement, at the same time as connecting with all of you - the beautiful minds within this community. One of the many things we love about second hand clothing, is the fact that each item is telling a different story, and therefore gives you the opportunity of express oneself in a different way than while wearing mass-produced clothing. 

This is true style, this is true self-expression; it is unique, ethical & sustainable.

Wear the pieces with fierceness, boldness and softness. Feel free to read more about our vision here.